2019 Ice Season Fatalities

This page contains summaries of reports on ice fatalities during the 2019 ice season that typically runs from November 2018 to April 2019.  The information mostly comes from newspaper or news broadcasts.  Occasionally accidents that do not involve a fatality will be included if they are instructive. When it iseems justifiedI make some assumptions about that the root causes for the accident.



November 4, 2018, Fish Mountain AK, 

A 63 year old subsistance fisherman broke through ice on the Fish River (red mark). He was able to call his family and tell them what had happened and where he was.  Difficuct weather condiatoins delayed the recovery for several days. 



November 19, 2098, 3:30 PM,  Clear Lake Iowa, 1600 N 24th St.  A 28 year old woman was walking her dog. The dog walked an ice covered  pond.  The woman walked out on the ice in a attempt retrieve the dog and broke through.  She was rescued by the first policemen to arrive on the surface.  The Fire Station two miles away..  

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