Kitewings on great looking ice. Photo by: Richard Saltonstall 

The following is a list of ice activities in rough order of popularity.  Links to a some of them can be found  on the Activity Links Page

  • Fishing
  • Casual Skating
  • Wild ice skating (long distance skating)-Nordic Skating
  • Hockey
  • Snowmobiling

Dan Clapp's Skeeter Iceoboat 'Insanity'. 

  • Ice boating (John Sperr's site has links to many others)
  • Iceboard/stand up sailing
  • XC Skiing
  • Kite sailing
  • Ice Racing (cars and other vehicles)
  • Ice Biking
  • Ice photography
  • Walking
  • Dog Walking

Photo by Dave Dermott

  • Kick sledding
  • Dog sledding
  • Scuba diving

 As a general rule, Sports that cover a lot of ground are more likely to find trouble.  Ice boat racers tend to sail over one area many times so problems with the ice on the race course are usually identified and marked early on.  Ice boat cruisers out exploring the lake tend to go many more places, often on ice that is less well understood.  On the same basis, hockey players are less likely to get in trouble than skaters exploring wild ice.

There is a wide range in how well prepared people are when venturing out onto the ice.  Wild ice skaters, on average, are the best prepared but also seem to fall through the most.  Having said that, North American skaters are, for the most part, not as prepared, skilled and disiplined as Swedish and Dutch skaters.   Iceboaters are probably the second best prepared and seem to have the second highest rate of falling through the ice.  Snowmoble riders and fisherman account for most lake ice fatalities due to their widespread use of vehicles and high numbers.