Activity Links

The following are links to some lake ice activities. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these activities use these links to get in touch with people in your area. They are listed in order of increasing horsepower. If you have links that you think should be listed here, please send them along.

Ice Fishing

  • runs an extensive group of forums on ice fishing, including an excellent ice safety forum and forums for individual states and provinces.   
  • There are many other regional forums as well as commercial sites. 

Wild Ice Skating (Nordic Skating)

Gear sources for Nordic Skating: 

  1. Nordic Skater in Norwich Vermont: Skates, boots, bindings, Swedish ice claws (the best design), Swedish skating/test poles (the extra few $ for the 'elete' poles is worth spending), weighted throw ropes (they work better on ice than white water throw ropes) and packs designed to keep a change of clothes dry and provide flotation if you fall through.  
  2. The Ski Rack in Burlington VT-Skates, bindings and boots. 
  3. Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis, MN. 

Photo by Dave Dermott


Pond Hockey

  • There are many groups and tournaments.  Click here for an overview.

Ice Sailing

  • The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club is based in Madison WI.  It offers a great view of the wider world of ice boating.  It is an active and up to date site with a good sense of humor.  Their FAQ reviews different iceboat types, common questions and basic physics.  They have a long list of links to other ice sailing sites.  
  • The Toledo Ice Yacht Club has a tutorial on some of the fine points of iceboat racing rules (needless to say, a thorough understanding of the racing rules by all sailors is  important given the speeds these boats go)


  • The American Council of Snowmobile Associations website has many links to state and regional associations.
  • Regional associations like VAST in Vermont are a good place to figure out what is going on in your area and to learn about how snowmobiling on ice covered lakes is handled.  

Motor Sports