Important People and Organizations in the World of Lake Ice

The following is a list of people and places that are referred to on the lakeice site.  The links are to more complete biographical information on the lakeice site or the www.

Mårten Ajne:  Mårten is a Swedish skater who spends 40-50 days a year on skates.  He has been skating at home and abroad for over 30 years.  Many consider Mårten to be the most knowledgeable wild ice skater in the nordic world.  He has written three important books on ice:

  • Vintervatten (Winter Water) is a beautiful coffee table book about  ice. Hendrik Trygg took the photographs.  Mårten wrote the text (which is in Swedish).
  • Stora boken om långfärdsskridsko : isbedömning, säkerhet och åkteknik  is a comprehensive handbook for nordic skating.  It is in Swedish.  
  •  Ice physics for recreational ice-users:  Some thermal and mechanical properties of natural ice covers is a book on the science of ice.  It is in English and it offers a fascinating look at many of  the details of ice behavior.  The key information can easily be read by non-mathematicians and it is highly recommended for anyone who is even a little interested in how ice grows, evolves and decays. 



CRREL is the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory that is run by the Army of Core of Engineers in Hanover New Hampshire. They have done a large amount of work on ice in general and lake ice in particular.  Their library is probably the best in the world for finding technical and practical information on ice.  Link

Lennart Fransson is a professor at Luleå Universety in Northern Sweden.  Among many other papers, he wrote the Ice Handbook for Engineers.   More on Dr Fransson

Gordon Giesbrecht is a thermophysiolgist at the University of Manitoba who has sorted out a great deal of the practical and scientific reality of cold water immersion. More..

Tony Gow is a retired research scientist at CRREL. He has published a large number of papers on lake ice and an even larger number on other aspects of ice. He has been heavily involved with the ice core projects in Greenland and Antarctica that have given mankind great insight into the history of the earth's climate over the past million+ years.  He is currently involved with the History of Winter (HOW) project that uses ice science as a way to introduce teachers and their students to the underlying scientific principals that are key to any scientific endeavour.

Johan Porsbey has written extensively about ice for skating in Sweden.  He has also investigated and reported on the rare serious accidents in Sweden. More..

LLoyd Roberts is a retired physician who lives in costal Maine.  He is a long term DN iceboat sailor who has written many articles on ice and ice sailing including the timeless book Think Ice.