Welcome to the Lake Ice home page. This site is for skaters, snowmobilers, sailors, fishermen and everyone else who spends time on frozen lakes and ponds.  The site provides a detailed  perspective on how ice behaves and what sorts of hazards you might find.  Most ice users never get into serious trouble but a few us do.  In almost all cases, being prepared to avoid and deal with hazards will dramatically reduce the risks of enjoying this winter wonderland. 

5" black ice with a uniform skim of water, December late day sun.

The 'Key Points' page gives a quick overview of the most important ways to help you stay out of trouble. The rest of the site provides a more detailed picture of ice behavior.

 Ice has a complicated range of behaviors and we learn new things about it every year.  As with many recreational endeavors that involve risk, your choice to go out on a frozen lake has to be yours and yours alone (More).