Fatalities In North America during the 2015 Ice Season. 

Introduction and Summary


The 2015 season brought 71 fatalities, The worst year in the past three years. As in previous years it is likely that a small number of additional fatalities occurred that were not picked up in the web search used. If you know of other, please contact me. I have direct or second hand knowledge of three deaths. All the rest are based on news accounts on the www. The reports have been streamlined a bit this year with fewer images of lakes and weather data. Links to news articles were not included as they are easy to search for based on the details given in the reports.


The commentary has been expanded a little. Most of it is at least a little speculative.


Bob Dill,  August 2015


Individual short accident reports are gouped by months and they can be reached with the following four links.  

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