Building A Website with SquareSpace.

When I started the LakeIce project I had no experience with building a website.  I talked to several web savy friends.  They recommended a range of approaches from learning html to content management software like Drupal or Joomla. One friend, who perhaps better appreciated my limited experience in the web world, suggested Squarespace.  I looked at all these options and quickly determined that Squarespace would allow me to immediately focus on building content and avoid an onerous learning curve with any of the other approaches.  While I have not used many of the more sophisticated features of Squarespace, it has worked very well.  It has also avoided thorny problems with crashes and hacking that some of my friends have had with their sites. 

If you are considering developing a website, Squarespace is worth checking out.  The base cost is a bit more than some other approaches but if your time is worth more than a few cents an hour, it is money very well spent.