Nubansuit Lake Update

Open water and thin ice (darker gray) on Nubansuit Lake NH in mid April 2011, 3 months after a fatality there.


This past season we found an unusual (or at least unrecognized) and persistent source of open water:  a double ended folded pressure ridge.  It looks like this may be what caused the large amount of thin ice on part of Nubansuit Lake, NH in 2011.  More...



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Small Ponds

Small ponds have fewer things to worry about than big ice sheets but there have some problems are not usually seen on larger/deeper bodies of water.  Click here for a recently posted article on the differences.


Update on Dock Bubblers/De-icers


Boat house de-icing-Lake Placid NY

Ray Ford wrote an excellent article on dock de-icers in the October 2012 edition of the Canadian magazine Cottage Life. It reviews the history of dock de-icing, the liability concerns about making large areas of open water or thin ice and covers suggestions on how to manage ice damage to docks.  The Dock Bubbler page has been updated to include some of the information in his article as well as how you can get a copy of the magazine.  


October 30, 2012


Northwestern Vermont Ice Incident Report-2012 Season



This picture looks nnw at the tracks from the truck in incident #13 as they approached the pressure ridge. Missisquoi Bay, Alberg VT..

Summary: We had a relatively short, low snow season.  This resulted in a lot of skating and other activities.  The 18 incidents represent most but not all incidents.  There were many more  partial breakthroughs involving vehicles with quick recoveries (mostly 4 wheelers).  Fold down ridges were involved in almost half the incidents.  There were two serious injuries (concussion and broken hip).  We do not have a good enough estimate of the number of participants to make reasonable estimates of incident rates.

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