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More Maquam Bay Ice Shove

The following pictures are from the day after the push or a week later.

The next day (before much decay has taken place)

The same pile a week later. The top of the pile is about 5 feet lower.



Piled ice a day after the push

 A week later most of the ice is gone. Maybe half of the volume went out in the previous 12 hours as high winds pushed 3 foot waves along the shore line. ( the picture was taken a few feet to the right)

A week after the event the partial melting of the piles has make their structure a bit easier to see

Another example of an unstable vertical scarp in the ice pile at the water's edge (a week after the push). This scarp is roughly 8-9 ft tall. A day later 3 ft waves washed most of ice pile away (see 3 pictures above).