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Ice Shove Season Is Not Quite Over

There have been a number of spectacular ice shove events in the midwest this winter.   

Mille Lacs Lake, WI- May11, 2013:  Darla Johnson's video of an ice sheet coming in is a great video of where the ice meets structures. 

Mille Lacs Lake WI Aftermath May 12, 2013:  A video look at the same ice the next day. 

Dauphin Lake, Manitoba--May 10, 2013:  The same windy weather seen at Mille Lacks Lake drove an even more distructive push. 13+ vacation homes were distroyed.   

Lake Winnebago, WI: January 19, 2013:  An unusual shove in minimally thawed, 12" thick, mid winter ice.  Usually ice this strong resists the wind.  The shove looks like it took place as the wind picked up after a cold front passed.  Cold ice shoves typically have blocks that have dimenstions 2-5 times the thickness.  Warm ice shoves have blocks that are 1-2 times the thickness. 

Lake Winnebago, WI, April 10, 2013:  A warm ice shove driven by North-east and east winds affected the west shore (usually the east shore of the lake sees most of the shoves).